Who are we?
We are dedicated well-renowned expert clinicians in diabetic foot management and non-invasive vascular imaging/assessment (see profiles).
What Do We Do?
The expert medical practitioners at the Sana clinic provide outpatient non-invasive vascular assessment and diabetic lower limb wound management programs that provide treatment and care. These not only improve the quality of life, heal wounds, and prevent lower limb amputations – but heal lives.
Our Mission
To provide a world-class, state-of-the-art, comprehensive non-invasive vascular imaging service assessing and managing arterial, venous, and lymphatic disease.
To provide a world-class multidisciplinary diabetic foot service to relieve the suffering and improve the quality of life for people with diabetic foot complications. Additionally, to be a reference centre in the Gulf, providing training, education research and support to other providers.
Our Aims

To further develop our center of excellence for diabetic foot management in Kuwait and to be a vascular and diabetic foot reference center in the Middle East.

To provide diabetic foot screening, risk stratification, and intervention strategies focusing on ulcer prevention and maintaining mobility.

To help diabetic patients to live healthy lives without foot complications (ulcers and amputations).

To provide expert care for the management and prevention of pressure sores/ulcers

To provide expert care for the management of lymphedema using complex decongestive therapy and state of art technologies.

To provide effective, evidence-based world-class diabetic foot wound management and ulcer prevention/relapse strategies.

To provide expert non-invasive vascular screening and assessment for arterial and venous pathologies.

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