Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, people with diabetes should have their feet at least once a year by a professional. Diabetes can affect the nerves and the blood vessels going to and in your feet. This often goes unnoticed until it is very advanced. If this happens your feet can become at risk of being damaged without you being aware. Therefore, it is strongly recommended by all the experts around the world that people with diabetes should have their feet checked annually to see if they are at risk.

  • It is partly true. Special shoes or what we call “Therapeutic shoes” should be worn by people with diabetes who have had previous ulcers on their feet or who are at high risk of getting a foot ulcer. Sana Clinic has a special service linked with the UK that deals with special shoes. If you are not at risk then you can wear any type of shoe as long as they fit your feet properly.
  • Yes, we do treat pain in the feet. There are many different causes for pain in the feet and most of them can be treated successfully either with special treatments for foot orthotics.

  • Arch supports also known as foot orthotics are special insoles that fit into your shoes and are specially shaped to fit under the arch of your foot. They are mainly used for people who suffer from different types of pain in their feet the most common of which is plantar fasciitis.
    So if you have pain under your foot arch or in your heel you may need some foot orthoses/ arch supports. You must have your feet examined and assessed properly to make sure whether you do or do not need arch support.

Yes definitely, at Sana clinic we have a special clinic that is devoted almost entirely to this type of foot problem. Hard skin also known as callus occurs due to small repetitive damage to the skin whilst standing and walking so at Sana clinic we aim to not only treat your hard skin but also to help you prevent it from reoccurring if possible

Yes, at Sana Clinic we have several expert staff that can treat your in-growing toenail. We offer conservative treatments that effectively deal with ordinary in-growing nails that are just painful with no open wounds. We also offer simple surgical treatment under a local aesthetic for in-growing nails that are either persistent or where they penetrate the skin in the nail groove can lead to infection and swollen bleeding tissue around the nail.

  • When you come for a diabetic foot appointment several things will take place. You will be seen by several expert clinicians who will examine your feet, their blood supply, nerves, and joints and take a brief but relevant medical history. All of this is then used to determine whether diabetes has or is affecting your feet. Furthermore, all of the information from your examination will be used to determine whether your feet are “at risk” of developing a foot ulcer. At Sana Clinic we have a special but simple risk color code of green, orange, and red to allow you to help you. At the end of the foot tests and examination, you will be shown an education video, given recommendations, and have a one-to-one consultation with a consultant to discuss your visit.
  • There is no need to worry we are here. If you are concerned or worried about your feet you can most likely get an emergency appointment to see one of our staff the same day. Our clinics are open 6 days a week from 9 am to 8.30 pm Sunday to Wednesday and 9 am to 3.30 pm Thursday and Saturday. Friday we are closed all-day

  • All of our staff are very highly qualified and include some internationally renowned experts. You can see the profiles of all our staff on our website. Our nurses are also highly trained and professional.

  • We currently accept GIG (Afya), (KPC).

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