Diabetic Foot Treatment Clinic

Diabetic Ulcer Treatment and Long-Term Management The expert team at the Sana clinic provides perhaps the most comprehensive physician–focused, evidence-based diabetic foot clinical practice in the Middle East. Personal treatment plans are developed for each patient based upon thorough assessment, team analysis, patient discussion, and ongoing reviews. The clinic uses a holistic interdisciplinary model of care, including infectious-disease management, neurological, vascular, and medical assessment, debridement, “offloading”, pain management, and education. This allows for the most effective treatment of what is often very complicated and stressful to the patient and their family, and all options are discussed and agreed upon with each patient.

Some of the many treatment options offered at the clinic include:

• Uses low-frequency ultrasound and lavage.
• It distinguishes between dead/unhealthy and healthy tissue.
• Effective safe removal of biofilms without damaging the healthy tissue.

• A pulsed CO2 laser beam with sufficient energy to ablate a thin layer of tissue.
• Each pulse has a time duration short enough to avoid deleterious heat
• The CO2 laser, with a wavelength in the far infrared region.
• Fast effective removal of degraded tissue without as much pain

• In essence this therapy exerts a negative pressure (vacuum) upon the wound bed.
• It removes any excess wound fluid to an external collection canister
• It creates a low oxygen tension whereby aggressively stimulating angiogenesis
• It rapidly reduces wound size, particularly in post-operative patients.

• Wide range of advanced interactive and biological dressings
• Biological, Enzymatic, Collagen, Protease Action
• Enhances the speed and quality of wound healing

• The most up-to-date proven and effective wound care products that enhance rapid healing.
• Hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy, vacuum treatment, negative compression, sonar debridement, laser debridement.

• Skin replacements are similar to skin grafts but are laboratory-engineered and grown product
• Uses cultured human skin components and growth factors required for healing/regeneration.
• Also amnion and chorion grafts using stem cells

• Topically applied UV and Infrared light in bandwidths
• Proven to reduce bacteria and fungal spores on wound surfaces

• A pulsed emission of spark waves that used for soft tissue injuries
• Plantar fasciitis wound healing therapy
• Stimulates the release of VEGF NOS and other growth factors including stem cells

• Plasma proteins extracted from patients’ blood are injected under the wound surface.
• Rich in healing growth factors to stimulate healing.